Coffin County by Gary A. Braunbeck
Gary A. Braunbeck
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Things Left Behind

Review Excerpts

“Combining physical horror with philosophical insight, evoking influences as varied as Harlan Ellison, James Dickey, and the films of Sam Peckinpah, Braunbeck’s fiction stirs the mind as it chills the marrow.”
Publishers Weekly

“Braunbeck’s empathy for his characters is unflagging; his style chameleonic but always apt, from the muscular directness of a Hemingway to the chivalric flourishes of Byron...

“Heartbreaking and terrifying but ultimately ennobling, Braunbeck’s tales evoke the small-town ghosts of Ray Bradbury, the psychological monsters of Stephen King and the spiritual ideals of a valiant Knight of the Round Table.”
The Columbus Dispatch

“In Things Left Behind, Braunbeck manages a whole range of emotions: fear, grief, regret, maybe even a little joy and hope. This book is a remarkable accomplishment.”
— DreamHaven Books and Comics

“(Braunbeck’s stories) all deal with lives touched by violence and the reverberations of certain vicious acts, whether supernaturally-induced or reality-based, that continue to long haunt the protagonists. Things Left Behind does the same to the reader. This huge collection definitely offers a darkly glowing invitation to the commanding work of an author about to break into the major leagues of stellar storytellers. Highly recommended.”
Epitaph Magazine

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