Coffin County by Gary A. Braunbeck
Gary A. Braunbeck
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The Indifference of Heaven

Review Excerpts

“It would be wrong to say that Gary A. Braunbeck, with The Indifference of Heaven, has succeeded where most horror novelists have failed; rather, Braunbeck has succeeded where most novelists have failed. It is a restoration of faith to read a work of such genuine pain, stark terror, and profound beauty. If you don’t have the guts to face the intellectual, aesthetic, spiritual, and emotional challenges of The Indifference of Heaven, you don’t have the guts to face that of which fiction is truly capable.”
— Michael Marano, author of Dawn Song, winner of the International Horror Guild and Bram Stoker Awards

“Good Lord, what a novel! I’m still reeling! This is remarkably powerful on so many levels... it got under my skin in a big way. Gary A. Braunbeck is an incredibly talented and sensitive wordsmith. With The Indifference of Heaven, he has created a tender and intimate nightmare, a hypnotic and ghostly story of suspense and dread; of longing for that Which Might Have Been, and the horror of that Which Is. A literary nest of matryoshka dolls in which each new layer opens onto new terrors, this story haunts my dreams. A splendidly disturbing gem!”
— Elizabeth Massie, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Sineater and Welcome Back to the Night

“The language Braunbeck uses is lyrical and complex, yet not overblown. The narrative is a mixture of supernatural surrealism, police procedural suspense, emotional characterization, fairytale fantasy so dark as to put the grimmest of Grimm’s to shame, and social commentary handled with far more resonance than seen in the comparatively hamfisted efforts of most child-advocate writers. This is an incredibly ambitious novel, and it is an absolute wonder. Buy it right now or I’ll beat you about the face and neck with a wet LA phone book.”
— Mehitobel Wilson, Gothic.Net

“Employing both harsh hyperrealism and majestic mythic fantasy, the novel swoops and soars in and out of philosophy, theology, and the very meaning of time and life... Ecstasy is a glimpse of the infinite; horror is its full disclosure-The Indifference of Heaven is an indelible experience that balances between the two.”
— DarkEcho

“Though not for the squeamish, Braunbeck’s first solo novel nevertheless presents a compelling and disturbingly graphic exploration of grief and redemption that should appeal to fans of dark fantasy and psychological horror.”
Library Journal

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